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A Frazier & Associates FAQ's

  1. What are the benefits of using A Frazier & Associates?
  2. What are the services you and your staff provide?
  3. Is A Frazier & Associates HIPAA Compliant?
  4. Are you insured?

  1. What are the benefits of using A Frazier & Associates?
    • A Frazier and Associates, LLC (AFA) provides a "one-stop shop" and offers complete versatility of our services. Our expertise begins when a referral for a case is submitted by our clients and ends when the claim is paid accurately for services that have been rendered.  Our nurses who provide Medical Management services are licensed in Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, New Jersey, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Texas, Nevada, Indiana and are able to obtain additional licensure upon our client's request and contractional obligations. AFA can assist your company with Employee Management Services, Utilization Management, Case Management, Disease Management, Quality Management, Medical Transcription, Auditing, Coding/Billing and Revenue Cycle initiatives. AFA draws from over 20+ years of proven expertise in the healthcare industry. What separates AFA from other healthcare companies lies in providing our clients with the one on one services that create outcomes at the highest levels.

  2. What are the services you and your staff provide?
    • AFA current services are:

      • Consultation for Startup or Plan Expansion and/or Implementation of Services
      • Comprehensive assessment of our clients’ needs
      • Coordination of an individualized and integrated plan of care and services
      • Health promotion and education
      • Periodic or on-going monitoring of care needs
      • Intake Coordination
      • Health Risk Assessment and Case Management Triage
      • Utilization Review, Case Management, Quality Management, and Auditing
      • Onsite Concurrent Review, when applicable:
      • HEDIS record review and chart abstraction
      • Worker’s Compensation Services
      • Employees Management Services
      • Medical Transcription
      • Revenue Cycle Review
      • Coding and Billing 
      • Claims Review for denials, billing errors, and resubmission 
      • Abuse and Fraud


      Please call AFA to discuss your needs as we are consistently being asked by of clients to add additional service.


  3. Is A Frazier & Associates HIPAA Compliant?
    • Yes, All Associates office sites are HIPAA compliant. Each Associate is bound by a HIPAA Compliance Agreement and a signed statement of Confidentiality is maintained in the Associate's personnel file.  

  4. Are you insured?
    • Yes, Professional Liability Insurance is held by all Associates.







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